Back to You by Ivan B

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Baby, I’ve been waiting for you, Baby, I’ve been thinking ’bout you, On the phone every night until two, I promise I’ll get back to you, I’ll get back to you. This song by Ivan B was one of my favorite. I often listen to this song as it somehow relatable with my current situation. I know it’s sound dramatic but well.

Let me make things clear. To be honest, maybe it was relatable until i doubting myself and everything. Is it really going on like that? I mean, does it even worth it to wait someone like this especially when it comes to the situation where you barely even talking and starting to wonder and questioning is the person that you think about all the time are doing the same thing like you did?

It’s a rough time for both of us. But there’s no such things as supporting each other. Faith become doubt, trust starting to loose, things just basically getting worse. We both are not really sure if still there’s a thing called “us” in this relationship. I’m not sure what i did wrong, i guess time just make our feeling fade away. I do need someone to be there, like it’s literally been a rough year for me.

I’m not making some dramatic statement and made me looks like i’m the one who’s right here. But honestly, i don’t even know how can i survive with my current situation until now. I can’t deny that i can’t stand by myself, i often find myself in a situation when i really need someone but no one is there for me. I can cry like literally, feeling sad all the time and just being a pathetic person.

This songs though, used to be a thing that can boost my mood. Now it’s just some kind of sad song for me, a reminder of sad story that i have to write on my book of life. I wish i can still have the same feeling when i hear to this song, but it’s seems like it’s not gonna happen.

Featured image by Noah Silliman on Unsplash , Music by Ivan B on Youtube.

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