Congratulations 넌 참 대단해

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Day 6. Who would’ve thought that i’m going to share a song by some Korean Artist? Here it goes, one of my favorite song from my k-pop playlist. Not a big fan, but seems like it’ll change after i post this haha.

My sister introduce me with this group band couple months ago. I’m not a fan of K-Pop, but i’m not saying that i don’t like it. The difference is , this is not a korean boyband but instead, it’s just something more like a ‘normal’ group band.

This song, damn! At first, i don’t really know what the meaning was. I just like how it flows especially the ” congratulation ” /reff part. But once i see the MV, my heart just melt right away. Turns out there’s some series of it on their album. It just hurt my feeling when i see this MV.

I’m not gonna write something or spoil the story behind the song, i just want to let you listen to the music and see the movie clip itself.  Make sure that you can take control of your emotion though, haha. You better enable the caption to fully understand the meaning of the song 😉

Sorry for the short post, i’ll try to write something more better next time. Adios!

Congratulations 넌 참 대단해
Congratulations 어쩜 그렇게
아무렇지 않아
하며 날 짓밟아
웃는 얼굴을 보니 다 잊었나 봐

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    1. Awan Avatar

      Every person who love korean culture that i know, suka sama day6. Maybe that’s because i only know a few of them lol

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