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I constantly finding myself sink into the hole. Feeling unaware of my surrounding. Too tired to think, too tired of continue living. I put my hope to the wrong thing and constantly found myself denying.

I’m tired of waking up. Literally and figuratively. Complaints about every single little thing and found myself unsatisfied of everything. I have nothing yet i’m mad at everything. And no, i’m not okay.

But even so, i feel like when people look at me it seems like there’s nothing wrong with me but then i do acknowledge that that’s the way i potrayed myself. Undefeated.

I can’t help myself, and i can’t help other like i used to. I asked for help, but i don’t think anybody knows how to. Am i really being ignored, or is it just me who keeps feeling ignored?

I’m tired of waiting, feels like i just want to end it all. What am i waiting anyway? What’s the point anyway?

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