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Apparently, one of the most unique singer out there released a song on youtube approximately 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t aware until i watched a reaction video by FBE which was quite interesting.

I personally don’t really share music information for you just because i’m not really up to date with music. According do wikipedia, Earth by Lil Dicky was released on April 19, 2019. Just 3 days before the earth day which is April 22.

There was a sneak peek video on the Ellen Show
youtube channel showing a little bit information about the song. I didn’t watch all of those until i watched the music video itself.

Some of the Big musicians are included.

The song includes a large variety of big celebrities and singer-songwriters. Some of them are Justin BieberAriana GrandeShawn MendesHalseyKaty PerryEd SheeranLeonardo DiCaprioBrendon UrieCharlie PuthMiley Cyrus. Most of the celebrities represent a different type of animal or plant.

There was also a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio‘s re-enacts a scene from the 1997 film Titanic.

To be honest, i like the idea, the music, and also the message that Lil Dicky sent throughout his music. It’s all about loving the earth and a reminder about how we should take care of it. Especially when the global warming thing has been going on for years.

And it wasn’t end there. The song profits will be sent to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in order to save this earth, so to speak. It’s not just a one song and over but there’s some follow up videos on his channel.

There are 4 videos on Lil Dicky’s Youtube Channel following the music videos. It’s kinda like a series video, so to speak. The four videos are : Earth Tutorial : The Problem , Earth Tutorial : The Energy Solution, Earth Tutorial : The Food Solution , and Earth Tutorial : The Nature Solution.

I recommend you to watch the music video and share me your thoughts!

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