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I feel restless even if i closed my eyes longer than i shoudl’ve been. This reality of so-called life making me wanna puke each and every time. I feel stuck, crunched from every angle possible by an unknown force. Or maybe, it’s just me who did every possible stupid thing that makes me unabel to move a muscle.

Why do i even write to this blog, knowing that only few people on earth will read every single word and perhaps 0 person will give a damn about it? I should’ve stopped long time ago. I should’ve keep quiet and slowly dissappear into the emptiness. This little brat of myself keep denying a tons of things and deciding to be a disabled person so he can become what, a burden for everyone? Pathetic.

Would you like to hold my hand and get me out of here? Let’s escape this crazyness together cause i’m incapable of doing shit on my own. I need help.

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